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Healthcare Services


Our vision for Healthcare services started way back in 2012 when we diversify through medical and ambulance services (Pre-Hospitalization care) for Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) and MAJU Expressway (MEX). As part of Maju Group’s diversified services and solutions which covers various industries, we aim to provide personalized healthcare solutions and seamless healthcare services experience by bringing together our strengths and expertise in seamless integrated solutions.

About Maju Healthcare


It is our role as the strategic healthcare partner to prepare businesses and communities with the world’s most propelling technological innovations to chart the course forward into the new norm. We declare that every decision and adaptation implemented will fundamentally change the way we collaborate and care, bringing confidence, trust and safety to our stakeholders.

Our Offerings :

Covid-19 Response and SolutionsWe provide a range of testing capabilities, delivering highest accuracy of results:
Screening & Testing
RT – Lamp
Direct – PCR
RTK Antigen
RTK Antibody
Diagnostic Labs & Medical Experts
Alternative Medicine
We have global partners with:

Experience in managing over 6000 clinics and testing labs
Access to experience medical practitioners
Ability to customize based to customer’s requirements and needs both drive through or mobile
On-site and Emergency Pre-hospital Care
Transportation – Ambulance
Emergency Response Team
First Aiders Services
Education, Training & Project Management
Healthcare and Facilities Project Management
Education and Awareness on Public Healthcare
Healthcare Services Providers Training

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